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Maddox Dance Studio presents our 72nd year of dance education on the North Coast

We are celebrating and sharing the joy of the many accomplishments of our faculty and students. By their dedication to teach and to dance, they show such integrity and purpose to blend their lives with family, academics, sports and the arts!
From the first steps as a beginner, to the graduates , we see the lifelong study of dance enhance whatever direction their path takes them.
We happily extend our best efforts to provide you with the many benefits dance training gives. The studio will continue to follow the CDC, the OHA, and the Local School Districts policy on all precautions as needed, for the health and safety of our students.
Thank you for your support of our studio.

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Welcome to Maddox Dance Studio
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The North Coast's Dance Center Since 1949

Welcome… to the Maddox Dance Studio, School of Dance Arts, and The North Coast Dance Center. My faculty and I extend a warm welcome to you and your families into our wonderful world of dance where we endeavor to offer you the highest quality in dance education!

Personal attention and analysis of a student’s abilities, progress and achievement are all important factors in the successful training of a dancer. Dance training develops self-esteem, listening skills, discipline, physical fitness, musicality, responsibility, respect and many more qualities, that last a lifetime.

The schedules reflect class placement to begin the year, but as a student continues he/she will be evaluated for placement in different groupings throughout the year as not all Students advance together as a class, just as in any other form of group instruction.

REGULAR attendance insures progress. My faculty and I are very serious about our art. Our classes are planned with progressions on every level. When a student misses those introductions to a new step, or misses the “adding on” to a combination, it is detrimental to the student’s over all progress. Regular attendance is part of the discipline of dance!

Dancers involved in activities that take them away from class will be placed in groupings from the time they return to class-missed choreography cannot be repeated. The dancer will be placed according to their attendance.

Dancers selected for Little Ballet Theatre have reached a technique level necessary to perform the company repertoire. All students are encouraged to study several times a week with a focus on one category or a mix of styles. There are five levels of Little Ballet Theatre; Pre-Aspirant, Aspirant, Apprentice, Junior and Senior.

Remember, a dancer is only as accomplished as his or her ballet discipline. It is central to the philosophy of our school to encourage each student to give forth the very best effort of which he or she is capable. The teachers are dedicated to this purpose and spend many hours outside the classroom developing lesson plans and seeking additional resources to help meet our students’ needs.
“If you can think, feel, move… you can dance”

THE HOME OF LITTLE BALLET THEATRE INC. 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation Maddox Dance Studio teaches a lifetime of poise and grace, an appreciation of the Arts, and a respect of the history of dance, and respect for each other.

Nutcracker Young Choreo Tap Festival
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