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Creative Movement (ages 2½ - 6)
Provides an excellent foundation for pre-ballet by encouraging good listening habit and coordination skills. Some concepts taught are stretching the foot, balancing, jumping, leg and arm coordination, and moving across the floor.

Tot Combo (ages 4-5)
An introductory tap and ballet class for ages 4 and 5. Requires tan tap shoes and pink ballet slippers. Limited enrollment. One season of creative movement is helpful preparation for this class.

Ballet/ Ballet Technique
Ballet technique class is a foundation for progressive discipline of dance. Remember, a dancer is only as accomplished as his or her ballet discipline. It is central to the philosophy of our school to encourage each student to give forth the very best effort of which he or she is capable. The teachers are dedicated to this purpose and spend many hours outside the classroom developing lesson plans and seeking additional resources to help meet our students’ needs. Ballet classes are carefully graded as each student learns the syllabus. Students are always placed in class according to physical development, stamina, and self-discipline. Classes progress to Pointe work, variations and Pas de Deux, and potential membership in Little Ballet Theatre. Dancers selected for Little Ballet Theatre have reached a technique level necessary to perform the company repertoire. All students are encouraged to study several times a week with a focus on one category or a mix of styles. The American Academy of Ballet, Cecchetti and Vaganova influence the syllabus. Class Length varies between 30 to 75 minutes depending on the discipline.

Jazz is a blend of traditional dance elements, the key element is dancing over and between the downbeats of the music. This style incorporates grounded elements of various dance disciplines in performance to the nuances of jazz music. Early innovators of classic jazz style and technique include Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Gus Giordano, and Luigi. We incorporate a graded syllabus from Dance Educators of America and dance Masters of America into our jazz classes.

Lyrical dance is a fluid style that blends movements from European classical ballet, American modern dance, jazz, and other world forms. The performer, through choreographic
expression, interprets the lyrics and/or quality of the music. This integrated form allows for freedom of self-expression and has become very popular. The faculty makes the decision on student placement.

Contemporary incorporates elements of modern dance, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, and other world forms with a wide variety of music or in silence. The movement often reflects the point of view of the contemporary dancer and or choreographer. The faculty makes the decision on student placement in this class.

Using a graded syllabus of instruction at the barre and center progressing from beginner to advanced. Ballet training is an integral partner. Rhythm, Free-style, and Vaudeville styles are taught. Qualified students appear in the Annual Tap Festival.

Hip Hop (ages 6-teen)
Hip Hop is a fast high-energy class in which dancers will learn to move to upbeat contemporary music. Hip Hop students focus on balance, coordination, and learning to isolate parts of the body in a new way. Hip Hop is also great exercise, increases coordination and is lots of fun!

A form of theatrical dancing that can be traced as beginning in the 1900’s. It uses ballet technique, use of fall recovery, contraction, release, locomotor movements, movements that convey a message or tell a story, use of irregular meter, music, sounds, electronic music and contemporary music, use of multimedia and poetry. The dancer used bare feet or sandals.
Most professional ballet dancers are trained in modern. Today choreographers combine ballet with modern technique for many of their works. Placement is upon approval of the director.

Musical Theater
Each class will focus on the kind of dancing used in theatrical staging, acting basics, and “character acting” through dance. Dancers will learn pieces of several “mini-musicals” centering on show tunes from America’s best-loved musicals, including “Cats,” West Side Story,” and “Oliver.” Dancers will also learn theater terminology as well as the history of Broadway and musical theater in America. Dancers in these classes also need training in Ballet and Jazz. Placement is upon approval of the director.

Acro Dance
Acro Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artist motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. Often defined by dance Choreography, acro-dance blends seamlessly classic dance styles with acrobatic movement. The dance styles can be really anything from a fast-paced jazz style, to a slow, controlled, beautiful, lyrical or completely “out there” contemporary piece.

Adult Program Classes
Classes in Ballet/Jazz and Tap






















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