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Rates & Policies

General Information  |  Tuition Information  |  Dress Code  |  Studio Etiquette

maddox dance studioGeneral Information

Class Levels & Placements
Students are placed based upon skill levels, coordination, musicality, concentration, and maturity in accepting and understanding corrections. It is important to understand that dance levels are not the same as grade levels in school, and that dance students sometimes take several years to move to a new level. Students are always observed by their teachers to determine level changes if warranted. Dedicated attendance is a must. Regular attendance is part of the discipline of dance!

Performances, Conventions, and Other Opportunities
Students have opportunities to study in master classes, attend a convention, and participate in community shows. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities. Information including schedules and costs will be provided in advance.


Payment Terms & Tuition 2019-2020 Season
Tuition for the school year September to June is based upon how many classes a student participates in.

  • The enrollment fee is $45.00 for one student in the family $50.00 for two or more students in one family.
  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable, non-transferable.
  • Tuition is due by the 10th of each month or a late fee of $20 is added.
  • Make-up classes may be taken in an alternate class of the same level or lower level in which the student is enrolled.
  • Weather cancellations are announced on KAST-1370 AM; classes cancelled will be made-up by another class or extension of time in the assigned class.
  • No refunds or credits will be granted for lessons missed or dropped
  • Tuition always remains the same whether the month is a “long” month (5 weeks) or a “short” month (3 weeks). No exceptions will be made. You may pay by check, cash, Visa, or Master Card.

Tuition Rates - Month Single Class
$12 (2 drop-in classes per week = $22 for one student)

Regular Rates for 1 Student
1 class per week per month    $49
2 classes per week per month     $89
3 classes per week per month    $124
4 classes per week per month     $150
5 classes per week per month    $167
6 classes per week per month     $179
Every class after the 6th one per week per month is an additional $10 per class

Family Rates
First Student - please refer to the above rates
The additional members of the same family
1 class per week per month     $49
2 classes per week per month     $88
3 classes per week per month     $120
4 classes per week per month    $144
5 classes per week per month    $159
6 & Up classes per week per month    $170
Every class after the 6th one per week per month is an additional $10 per class

Payment Instructions
You WILL NOT be receiving a monthly bill/statement from our office for your monthly tuition. All payments are due on the tenth (10th) of each calendar month. If, at that time, you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one. Please note your payments as you make them for the school year. Monthly statements will be mailed for overdue balances only.

Our students are in our database alphabetically by their last name. Many of our students have different last names from parents and/or grandparents who are paying for dance expenses. In order for us to properly credit your account, the following details will be important for us to know each time you make a payment:

When making a payment by check, please include the following information in the memo of your check.
    1. Student(s) First & Last Name (very important!!)
    2. State what you are paying for:
        Monthly tuition (state the month)
        Style/Day/Time of class
        Dance Supplies (shoes, leotard, etc.)

        Julie Smith – Sept Ballet Tue 4:00
        Julie Smith – Costume
        Julie Smith – March/Costume Balance

A receipt is available on request.

Recital Fee
$40.00 per family- includes 4 tickets per family to the first performance a student is in and 2 tickets to each additional performance a student is in. The recital fee off-sets the rental of the auditorium, the lighting, sound rentals, the printing of tickets/programs, etc. Every family is obligated to pay the recital fee and have all class fees paid before the recitals. An admission charge of $10.00 per person for additional tickets will be made for recitals.

Recital Costumes and Costume Fees
Children sizes XS through MC range in price from $40-$55
Children size Large through adult sizes range in price from $45-$65
Special sizes can require an additional $6 to $10 per costume depending on the costume company.

Costumes are not refundable, exchanged or cancelled due to the fact that they are being made to order. Costume deposits are made in November and are not able to be canceled, transferred, or refunded. Costumes must be paid in full by January 1st. Costumes are not released to the dancer until they are paid in full. Individual pricing of costumes depends on the style chosen for each particular recital piece.

Private Lessons/Coaching
Private Lessons/Coaching: $50.00 per half hour- Payment required before class. 24-hour notice required for cancellation or lesson fee will be charged. Private lessons are for special coaching only- no comparison to the many benefits of a class setting.

Students or their responsible party must carry their own insurance, and understand that any injuries which may occur are the sole responsibility of the student or the responsible party.

Dress Code & Appearance

Recommended dance ware must be purchased through the studio. Every student must have the required clothing items and have a dance bag. This is strictly enforced. Students will be asked to sit out of class if the dress code is repeatedly abused.

Purchase supplementary dance supplies through » Use teacher code TP39036 with ordering, for 10% off on 1st order and $2.95 shipping.

Please label all dance shoes and clothes with the dancer’s name and phone number! DO NOT wear dance shoes outside. Students must dress in the dressing rooms upstairs only, NOT IN THE RESTROOM.

Hair must be in a BUN for ballet and PONYTAIL for all other classes.

A note on shoes: We require professionally fitted pink leather ballet slippers. We order Revolution Brand shoes. Ballet slippers must fit well—not too wide, not too long. The shoe needs to fit the foot like a glove with “1/2 inch to pinch” at the heel when the foot is pointed. Pointe shoes (toe shoes) are strictly reserved for those dancers who are totally ready, physically, technically and mentally for this big advancement. A young student’s bones are soft and malleable before age 10 and long-lasting damage to the legs and back can be made if a student is placed on pointe too soon. In some instances, even older students are not ready because of body alignment and technique problems. Going on pointe is a very serious matter and commitment.

Adult Dress Code
Our dress code for adults taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Zumba, is to wear any “exercise” type clothing in which you feel comfortable. The correct shoe for each discipline is a must!


Dress Code Listed by Dance Genre

Creative Movement
Black Long Sleeve 
Theatrical pink


Pink Leather Ballet
Tot Combo
Black Long Sleeve
Theatrical Pink


Pink Ballet & Black Tap
Black Long Sleeve


Level 1-8
Black Long Sleeve
Theatrical Pink
Pink Leather Ballet
Black Long Sleeve
Black /or Tan
Sole Shields
Beginning Tap
Black Long Sleeve
TAN Mary Janes
Inter/Jr/Sr Tap
Black Long Sleeve
TAN Oxford or teachers preference
Beginning Jazz
Black Long Sleeve
Black Slip On

Inter/Adv Jazz

Black Long Sleeve 




Black Jazz

Musical Theater

Black Long Sleeve




Depends on choreography; refer to teacher

Hip Hop

Black Long Sleeve




Black Hip Hop Sneaker (not to be worn outside) 


White T-Shirt

Black Socks

Black Pants or Shorts


Black Ballet, Tap, Jazz, or Hip Hop


Dress For Success!
What our dancers wear to class is a direct reflection on the focus, and discipline of the art of dance.

We are very happy to offer Revolution Dancewear, and will insure the proper fit for shoes, and leotards. We offer the following items in the chart to the right:

Dance Lessons




Sole Shields
Dance Pants
Dance Shorts
Full-footed Tights
Convertible Tights


Maddox Dance Studio
Answers to Your Burning Questions About Buying Dancewear



Why does our studio prefer Revolution Brand?

You’ll find our products far superior, with a more accurate fit, and competitive prices.

Why do I have to buy a specific color?
A uniform dress code helps keep distractions to a minimum, instills discipline, and keeps everyone looking and feeling professional.
Can’t I buy my Revolution products at a local store?
Revolution only sells to dance studios. They believe teachers are best equipped to properly fit students .
Will the studio know what size he/she needs?

We have a fitting kit. As long-time dance professionals we know how dance shoes are supposed to fit and which products are best.

Is it going to hold up for the entire dance season?

Depending on the growth of the child the shoes should fit for a season. Revolution products come with a 100% quality guarantee. Features like adjustable straps and flexible fabrics help to accommodate growth.

Why do the shoes and Dancewear have to be ordered?

By ordering only what we need, we’re able to keep prices low. Most orders ship very quickly so you’ll have it fast.

Studio Etiquette

Late to Class
Students who are late should wait outside the classroom door until the music stops, and then go in quickly. The warm up time at the beginning of classes are very important. The risk of injury is greater if warm ups are missed. Students who miss warm ups may be asked not to participate in that class session.

Class Observation
Parents/ Visitor observation is allowed at all times (some rehearsals are closed). The observation room will remain available for parents who need to wait inside the studio, BUT THE ROOM MUST REMAIN AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE SO AS NOT TO DISTURB THE CLASSES IN SESSION. ALL SMALL CHILDREN MUST BE SEATED AT ALL TIMES, AND CRYING BABIES REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING TO AVOID DISTRACTIONS. Siblings are not allowed upstairs alone. Strollers must be left outside.

Picking Up Students - Promptly Requested
Students will not be permitted to wait outside the building after dusk or in inclement weather. They can remain upstairs in the student lounge or by the front desk. The evening class students MUST be picked up on time so that the instructors are not delayed as they have other commitments, e.g. dance team, baby sitters, families.

Parking Protocol
Please enter the parking lot CORRECTLY, following the arrows. Please enter the parking lot correctly, following the arrows. Do not let children run through parking lot unattended or run on the handicap ramp. Limited off-street parking is available. Do not block driveway. Do not back into parking spaces. Observe compact car signs, please.

Lost & Found
A large volume of clothing and other student belongings flow through the lost and found baskets at our school. These baskets can be found in second floor student lounge.
1. Clearly label all dance apparel & regular clothing too. Especially important on dance shoes.
2. Remind your student that they must be responsible for all belongings that come with him/her to Maddox Dance Studio.
3. Regularly check the basket for familiar looking items.
4. DO NOT leave valuables in dressing area. If necessary, check valuables in at the office. You are responsible to pick them up after your class. Items left at the studio for more than 30 days will be sent to Goodwill.

Newsletters, Messages & Notices
Important monthly newsletters, notices, schedules, and other events/activities are always posted on the office window. It is the responsibility of the students to check for updates on a regular basis. Refer to our website for complete information. Please update your contact information with the office when you change email addresses or phone numbers.

Studio Etiquette

  1. All students are to sign in & out at the table in the lobby. Be ready and on time for class. Upon arrival, dress immediately. Go to your classroom area, wait quietly by the door until your teacher is ready to begin your class.
  2. Be dressed and groomed properly. No shirts, No shorts. Proper tights, shoes, & leotards
  3. Do not talk in class. No gum. Water bottles are permitted. Do not eat between back-to-back classes.
  4. Bring change of shoes to classroom if you have back to back classes.
  5. Do not lean on barres or put feet on walls.
  6. CARRY a dance bag with your name on it to and from the studio. Bring dance bag to class with you.
  7. DO NOT WEAR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE. This can be very dangerous to the dancer as the soles become slippery in bad weather. It is also very harmful to the shoe and the studio floors.
  8. Do not wear jewelry!
  9. Snacks will be allowed in the student lounge if you tidy up. Please no popcorn or cheese crackers. Please take all garbage home. Remove all food leftovers brought into the studio.
  10. Having a good attitude & respect for fellow students and staff, makes for a happier dancer.
  11. Dress in the dressing rooms located on the second floor not in the restrooms.
  12. No running in the building at any time. Walk carefully up and down stairs. If you are waiting upstairs for class to begin, between classes, or to be picked up, please no noise or rough playing. It is a distraction to the classes to hear noise from above. PETS - Please do not bring family pets to the studio- inside or outside.


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